Lesson learnt. STAY HEALTHY!

April 09, 2013

Hello dear friends! If you notice, I haven't blogged for some time, despite the ABPBH winners quick post that I figured I should post just for the fun of it. I meant to say that I haven't written a PROPER blogpost like reviews, events and more because I fell ill for the past 2 weeks.

I feel like sharing what happened to me right now since Im in the mood to blog.
So what happened to me?

Well, on one 'fine' morning, I woke up around 9am (very rare to wake up this early especially when Im unemployed) to go to the loo.. not to pass urine, but to let go the big one. This is very rare because I usually go to the loo AFTER breakfast, and not before. I found it very weird and I felt something was not right with my tummy. It started to ache and I felt like I was about to have fever. On that day too was the meet and greet with Kimora Lee Simmons at Starhill Gallery. OH YES BE JEALOUS!! Those who didn't know about it, shame on you because it was open to public!

And yes, SHE IS SUPER TALL! I feel like a midget. No joke. Not to mention, she's super friendly, humble and funny woman! I love her :)

I may look happy and excited, but honestly, I was crying inside throughout the whole entire time because I got stomach ache! Right after the meet and greet, I rushed over to the loo!

When I got home, I took up some tummy ache or diarrhea relief pills such as Charcoal and Colospan. I definitely had diarrhea because I couldn't stop going to the loo and vomiting. For three days straight, I was doing those two activities and had no appetite to eat anything at all. I just drank water to keep myself hydrated. I know it sounds horrible to not be able to eat, I tried eating crackers, but I could barely finish a whole piece. Something was clogging my chest or blocking my esophagus. On the 4th night, I felt something was stuck in my chest.. I couldn't sleep well and had breathing difficulties.

The next morning, I went to a clinic nearby to get myself checked. The doctor said my upper tummy hurt because my digestive system was going loco, and that there was so much wind and acid in my upper tummy which led to shortness of breath. She gave me some wind relief pills, probiotics, and medicine to stop me from vomiting so that I can swallow some food at least. The probiotics helped in curing my diarrhea and indigestion, but I still couldn't eat anything and my upper tummy and chest were still in pain.

I figured maybe my body was slow in adapting to drugs because I hardly fell ill or had anything wrong with my internal stuff. I decided to let the medicine worked its way in my system for a few days..

On the 8th day, my dad suggested to go to a hospital instead to check what's happening inside my body, just in case if there was a tummy ulcer, etc. I went to the hospital to get it checked, did ultrasound, blood test..  and results said that there was nothing wrong in my body and my blood is fine, my blood pressure are alright, nothing worrying.. But why was I still feeling this PAIN IN MY CHEST! It became so annoying, I started to lose my patience.

Then, the doctor at the hospital gave me some medicine to calm my muscle cramps because it could be that my tummy was toning down to the medicine, it needed something more simple so that I didn't feel the pain..

But no, that night, and the next morning, I still couldn't swallow anything, and chest was still in pain.. I never had athma! So what could it be!

My parents decided to try traditional healing instead, since the scientific way didn't work well. I went to AKUBEKAM in TTDI to do Bekam. If you don't know what it is, Bekam is body cupping, where they suck out all your dirty blood so your body feels lighter, healthier and stronger. Bekam is known to cure many illness. Ya Allah..if this didn't work, I didn't know what else to do..

The treatment started off with a consultation about my body and which parts of the body needed to do Bekam. For me, I needed to bekam my chest, tummy, back, and head. Firstly, the therapist put the cup on my chest, pumped it really tight to my skin.. and to my surprise, the cup was like 'steamed' and there were bubbles coming out from my skin. The therapist said those were all my extra wind and uric acid in my body which has been giving me shortness of breath. OMG FINALLY IT WAS OUT!!

Next, she started to pin my chest with a number of needles to make holes for the blood to come out, put back the cup on, pumped it really tight, and let the dirty blood out. Oh my..the blood was thick and dark.. That's how dirty my blood was! OMG.

She repeated the same process to the rest of the areas that needed to Bekam. Instantly, right after the session, I COULD FINALLY BREATHE AND NO MORE STOMACH ACHE. And the best part was I COULD FINALLY EAT! TERUS MAKAN MEEHOON GORENG!! Bayangkan 10 days I didn't have PROPER MEAL.

Did I mention I lost 7 kg throughout these whole 10 days of sickness!

The Bekam therapist said there was too much uric acid in my body.. So I need to low down on seafood, soy, and sushi! Boohoooo..  Alhamdulillah, finally im 100% recovered.

It was clearly the acid and the wind that was blocking my chest.. Thank goodness for Bekam, all those toxin were out.

After all of these, I learnt a valuable experience. All these while, I ate like mad at anytime and anything. I didn't bother to take care of my health. Now that my digestive system 'exploded' and got pissed off, it's a wake up call for me to start on some diet and eat healthier food. After all.. we're not getting younger each day.

Starting from today, I want to live a healthy lifestyle! So traumatised of not eating for 10 days.. haha.

Have you tried Bekam before? You should do it even when you're not sick, just to get that dirty blood out so your body won't feel tired or lethargic. Try it!



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