Vanity Trove - Awesome Wholesome!

May 25, 2013

Yay! My first Vanity Trove box. I've heard a number of reviews from other bloggers and finally I got the chance to review. Thank you Vanity Trove! This is definitely a beautiful surprise for me :)


Okay let's unbox it together! The moment I open the box, there is a calming and sweet scent! I can't wait to see which product does it come from. The scent is pretty strong but acceptable.

These are the first things I see. A whole bunch of booklets on product information. This is a good move so Im able to know more details of the products given and the brands. 

Besides booklets, there are vouchers from Hishop, Mary Chia, and Skinlab!

Welcome note and product guide! Even this card has the scent!

Let's get to the best part.
I'm already seeing some of my favourite brands here!! Good job Vanity Trove, for placing the products on crumpled papers so no faulty or damage done to the products. Kudos!

1) Schwarzkopf  Essensity Natural Shine Serum (50ml) (RM 56)
  • Caters for frizzy hair. It works to give you the natural shine, smoothes tresses, and tames unruly hair. It contains Sesame and Olive Oils to improve hair texture . This smells a bit weird... it doesn't have a 'fun' smell, knowing me who loves fun scents like fruits, sweets, etc. Despite having an awful scent, it does control my frizz a little bit after one use. 

2) Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water RM19(50ml)/RM39(150ml)/RM55(300ml)
  • I've used this water spray before. I use it on a daily basis and also for travelling. This is not just a normal face mist, it can be used on your body as well. The spring water works to calm sensitive skin. Not only refreshing your face, you can spray it on sunburns, rashes, after hair removal, razor and shaving burns, setting makeup, itching, etc. This is definitely my best water spray because it's multipurpose!

3) Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat's Milk (RM59)(255ml)
  • Goat's milk is well-known for it's nourishing and moisturizing content, and this lotion is no exception. I like the scent of this lotion. It reminds me of a spa!! Very relaxing and calming. After applying it, the scent stays on my skin for a few hours and my skin feels softer too. This product contains vitamin A and D, rose oil and Rosella extracts.

4) Tilley Goat Milk Soap (RM12)(Single)/ (RM26)(Twin-Pack)
  • BINGO! The scent that fills up the whole box comes from this soap, I think! As I put it closer to my nose, the scent gets stronger. This soap is chemical-free and its ingredients sourced directly from Australian Goat Milk farm. It's rich in skin conditioning Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter. Can't wait to try this!

5) Heaven on Earth Essential Oil - Lavender. (RM50) (5ml)
  • It's made of steam distilled Lavandula Angustifolia flowers of a Frenh origin. This oil works to help you sleep better, reduce anxiety and aches, makes you calm and relaxed, and soothe insect bites. I like to apply this on my neck before I go to sleep so my neck doesn't hurt much when I wake up the next day. It has an amazing scent that makes you want to go to bed in a snap. 

As this is my first Vanity Trove box, I'm happy and satisfied with the products given. Vanity Trove goes organic for this edition - good for the skin, good for the environment too! As I've been travelling a little bit this month, most of these products come in handy for me, so YAY! Looking forward to the next month's edition ;)

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Join the best beauty bloggers community in Malaysia : The Butterfly Project  

*Note: This box was given to me by Vanity Trove as bloggers collaboration. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine and straight from the heart :)

Let's party with Party Hat!!

May 13, 2013

Yo party people! One fact about me (if you want to know), I like organizing parties, especially birthdays. I get excited whenever there is a birthday for a family member or friends or even mine! Why I love parties? Because I get to buy and decorate all these cute cute and colourful stuff!

Sometimes it can be a hassle and tiring to drive around to look for the right party decors and favours. Surveying the items and price, looking for the shops entah corok mana kan.. It can be time consuming too. But guess what? PARTY HAT is here to help you with your party needs!

Party Hat is the FIRST PARTY PLANNER in Malaysia to bring parties to your home! They offer mobile kids party such as Princess Pamper Party, Cupcake Decorating Party, Pizza Making Party and Bento Making Party – right at your doorstep!! All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favourite restaurant) and they will show up with all the necessary party supplies! 

So, the next time you’re planning your kid’s birthday party, make sure to include these parties as part of the birthday celebration! Many of Party Hat’s customers also chose these kids party to reward their children after a long semester of hardwork and exams. That’s why school holidays are the busiest time for the party team, so remember to book them in advance! To understand more on these mobile kids party, please visit this link -




Although Party Hat Malaysia’s forte is organizing kids party, they also offer party decoration service for weddings, birthdays, full moon and social events (think Mother’s Day, Girls Night Out!). They design cute decoration things like tags, toppers and banners according to your theme design! When most design companies would charge you a fortune for designing fee, Party Hat Malaysia usually offer it as a free service. Do check out their portfolio in this link ( to get more ideas for your next party!

One of Party Hat's services that I like most is the Theme Party Decoration! Just say what you want, and they will give you the best of your chosen theme. As for me, Im a sucker for HELLO KITTY! Look what Party Hat gave me! Im definitely going to use this for my next birthday party! (Yes I'm 24 but WHO CARES!)  



10X ROUND GIFT TAGS (Great for party packs!)

10X SCALLOP FOOD TAGS (You can put this on your cupcakes, cakes, anything!)

If you're thinking of hosting a kid's birthday party or your own, a bachelorette party or wedding favours, Party Hat is just what you need!

Check out their portfolio and more information on their services;


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Unzipping 'Bag of Love' Tea Party!

May 12, 2013

Cookies, cakes and beauty products? What a perfect treat! Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me the opportunity to attend the unzipping event for 'Bag of Love', which took place at Delectable by Su in Paradigm Mall!

I was super excited because this was my first time receiving a beauty BAG. I was looking forward to meet other beauty bloggers too. When I arrived at Delectable by Su, I couldn't stop saying 'Oh my God..oh my God' because the colourful decoration for the dessert table was so PWEETYYYY! Take a look!

Almost everything about dessert was there! And the best part..we got to attack 'em all! woohooo.


Ahaaaaaa........what's that on the table? Couldn't wait to unzip it!

Okay let's have some cakes and cookies before proceeding to the highlight of the event.
Oh my goodness... all of these pieces were DELICIOUS and high quality! Perfect texture, taste, and so much more! My hands couldn't stop taking in more after every bite. Ada macaroon, chocolate cake, carrot cake, sausage roll, many types of cookies! ahhhhh

Are you ready to unzip it together???

On the count of 10... 9...8..7...6...5...4...3...2..1.. Wahhh..nervous pulak! hehe.


What makes Bag of Love different from the rest? They put their products in a BAG instead of BOX! Now that is genius because I can re-use the bag to store my makeup products and bring it when I travel, etc! 

In conjunction with Earth Month in April, Bag of Love went green with products that are of natural origins. The bag itself is made of bleach-free canvas and the lable tag inside is of recycled non-woven material. Enhancing beauty with Mother Nature :) 

  • Definite Contour Brush (Full-Size) RM88
  • Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (30ml) RM120
  • Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream (50ml) RM271
  • The Body Shop Quiet Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (100ml) RM59
  • Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo (200ml) RM88
  • Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters Body Lotion (170ml) RM62.80

What do I think of this edition?
 I LIKE IT! Just a few days before this event, I wanted to buy a contour brush but I don't need to do that anymore! And the Body Shop's Pillow Mist has been on my mind for quite some time because I find it cool.. Seriously, who came up with that is brilliant.

Left: The founder of Bag of Love, MiMi // Right: The founder of Butterfly Project and blogger, Tammy (Plus Size Kitten)

Happy I got to meet these lovely ladies for the first time. Hope to see them in more upcoming events :) Nice meeting all of you! Middle: Sabrina // Right: Farisha


                                          With LiChuen! Sweet girl :)

Not just Bag of Love, we got to take these home too! Giant lollipop and cute badges from Delectable by Su!

A MILLION THANKS to The Butterfly Project, Bag of Love and Delectable by Su for collaborating and organizing this wonderful unzipping event!! Thanks for having me and I truly enjoyed myself unzipping the bag, chitchatting with other bloggers, stuffing my face with yummy sugar treats, and belek-belek the beauty products. hehehe.

Click these links to find out more about 'em!

DELECTABLE BY SU (Facebook Fan Page & Official Site)
BAG OF LOVE (Facebook Fan Page & Official Site)


HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcome Pack

May 05, 2013

Hi, everyone! About a week (or more) ago, I received a box of goodies from HiShop!! Thank you HiShop for choosing me and other beauty bloggers to join HiShop's Beauty Ambassador program!

HiShop (pronounced as hai-shop) is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry Genuine Products and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime and anywhere. For the ambassador programme, bloggers are given goodies each month for review and the goodies are handpicked especially for them. HiShop carries brands that are not easy to find in drugstores or beauty stores. Click here to see the full list of brands available at HiShop .

It's fun to see what others got. Let's take a look the goodies that I received! Click on the products to be directed to the product's page for more information.

1) SimplySiti Simply Dramatic Gel Eyeliner (Black) (RM24.90)

2) Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask 140ml (RM 88.90)

3) Farmasi Berries Face Scrub 100ml (RM25.90)

4) Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light 130ml (RM58.90)

Thank you HiShop for these products! I will review each product from time to time! In the meantime, you guys can check out HiShop's official website for more exciting products!

Now this is the best part! 
Exclusively for you, my dear readers, you will get RM20 off for any purchases above RM100 from HiShop! Just key in the discount code: LOVEHISHOP (Code expires 30 June 2013).

Don't forget to show your love and support by liking HiShop's Facebook page!

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I'm already lovin' Hishop and their page! What are you waiting for? Get your shopping feet fingers ready!