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May 13, 2013

Yo party people! One fact about me (if you want to know), I like organizing parties, especially birthdays. I get excited whenever there is a birthday for a family member or friends or even mine! Why I love parties? Because I get to buy and decorate all these cute cute and colourful stuff!

Sometimes it can be a hassle and tiring to drive around to look for the right party decors and favours. Surveying the items and price, looking for the shops entah corok mana kan.. It can be time consuming too. But guess what? PARTY HAT is here to help you with your party needs!

Party Hat is the FIRST PARTY PLANNER in Malaysia to bring parties to your home! They offer mobile kids party such as Princess Pamper Party, Cupcake Decorating Party, Pizza Making Party and Bento Making Party – right at your doorstep!! All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favourite restaurant) and they will show up with all the necessary party supplies! 

So, the next time you’re planning your kid’s birthday party, make sure to include these parties as part of the birthday celebration! Many of Party Hat’s customers also chose these kids party to reward their children after a long semester of hardwork and exams. That’s why school holidays are the busiest time for the party team, so remember to book them in advance! To understand more on these mobile kids party, please visit this link - http://partyhatmy.blogspot.com.




Although Party Hat Malaysia’s forte is organizing kids party, they also offer party decoration service for weddings, birthdays, full moon and social events (think Mother’s Day, Girls Night Out!). They design cute decoration things like tags, toppers and banners according to your theme design! When most design companies would charge you a fortune for designing fee, Party Hat Malaysia usually offer it as a free service. Do check out their portfolio in this link (http://partyhatmy.blogspot.com/p/portfolio.html) to get more ideas for your next party!

One of Party Hat's services that I like most is the Theme Party Decoration! Just say what you want, and they will give you the best of your chosen theme. As for me, Im a sucker for HELLO KITTY! Look what Party Hat gave me! Im definitely going to use this for my next birthday party! (Yes I'm 24 but WHO CARES!)  



10X ROUND GIFT TAGS (Great for party packs!)

10X SCALLOP FOOD TAGS (You can put this on your cupcakes, cakes, anything!)

If you're thinking of hosting a kid's birthday party or your own, a bachelorette party or wedding favours, Party Hat is just what you need!

Check out their portfolio and more information on their services;


*picture credits to http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/44194 and http://partyhatmy.blogspot.com

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