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May 25, 2013

Yay! My first Vanity Trove box. I've heard a number of reviews from other bloggers and finally I got the chance to review. Thank you Vanity Trove! This is definitely a beautiful surprise for me :)


Okay let's unbox it together! The moment I open the box, there is a calming and sweet scent! I can't wait to see which product does it come from. The scent is pretty strong but acceptable.

These are the first things I see. A whole bunch of booklets on product information. This is a good move so Im able to know more details of the products given and the brands. 

Besides booklets, there are vouchers from Hishop, Mary Chia, and Skinlab!

Welcome note and product guide! Even this card has the scent!

Let's get to the best part.
I'm already seeing some of my favourite brands here!! Good job Vanity Trove, for placing the products on crumpled papers so no faulty or damage done to the products. Kudos!

1) Schwarzkopf  Essensity Natural Shine Serum (50ml) (RM 56)
  • Caters for frizzy hair. It works to give you the natural shine, smoothes tresses, and tames unruly hair. It contains Sesame and Olive Oils to improve hair texture . This smells a bit weird... it doesn't have a 'fun' smell, knowing me who loves fun scents like fruits, sweets, etc. Despite having an awful scent, it does control my frizz a little bit after one use. 

2) Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water RM19(50ml)/RM39(150ml)/RM55(300ml)
  • I've used this water spray before. I use it on a daily basis and also for travelling. This is not just a normal face mist, it can be used on your body as well. The spring water works to calm sensitive skin. Not only refreshing your face, you can spray it on sunburns, rashes, after hair removal, razor and shaving burns, setting makeup, itching, etc. This is definitely my best water spray because it's multipurpose!

3) Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat's Milk (RM59)(255ml)
  • Goat's milk is well-known for it's nourishing and moisturizing content, and this lotion is no exception. I like the scent of this lotion. It reminds me of a spa!! Very relaxing and calming. After applying it, the scent stays on my skin for a few hours and my skin feels softer too. This product contains vitamin A and D, rose oil and Rosella extracts.

4) Tilley Goat Milk Soap (RM12)(Single)/ (RM26)(Twin-Pack)
  • BINGO! The scent that fills up the whole box comes from this soap, I think! As I put it closer to my nose, the scent gets stronger. This soap is chemical-free and its ingredients sourced directly from Australian Goat Milk farm. It's rich in skin conditioning Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter. Can't wait to try this!

5) Heaven on Earth Essential Oil - Lavender. (RM50) (5ml)
  • It's made of steam distilled Lavandula Angustifolia flowers of a Frenh origin. This oil works to help you sleep better, reduce anxiety and aches, makes you calm and relaxed, and soothe insect bites. I like to apply this on my neck before I go to sleep so my neck doesn't hurt much when I wake up the next day. It has an amazing scent that makes you want to go to bed in a snap. 

As this is my first Vanity Trove box, I'm happy and satisfied with the products given. Vanity Trove goes organic for this edition - good for the skin, good for the environment too! As I've been travelling a little bit this month, most of these products come in handy for me, so YAY! Looking forward to the next month's edition ;)

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*Note: This box was given to me by Vanity Trove as bloggers collaboration. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine and straight from the heart :)

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