Red Onion @ Bangsar

June 04, 2013

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for supporting my blog. I dedicate this blog to all of you :) Sorry for being MIA for awhile. I was on a family vacation..will blog all about it from time to time, yea! Anyhooooooo.. are you a foodie just like me? Then you have to keep reading ;)

I have been craving (MAJOR) for some good middle eastern or Pakistani cuisine for the longest time. My best friend, Ad (blogger too!) from Pumpkin Project has been raving about Red Onion in Bangsar and I've got to try it myself! Lucky me, Living Social was having a food voucher deal for this place at that time. Hooray!

As usual, parking is a hassle in Bangsar. So we parked at the RM1 parking space and walked a little bit to the restaurant. Red Onion has their own parking space reserved for customers but when we came, other guests have taken up all :(

We were greeted by a friendly lady the moment we came in. The main theme of Red Onion is red, maroon, pink..the red family as a whole! It suits the name, Red Onion. :) The air conditioner was blasting which was good because you know walking around in Bangsar is cray cray. The chairs and couch are comfortable. Red Onion's interior is simple but inviting and boast a cozy atmosphere. 

Red Onion specializes in Arabian and Pakistani cuisine, alongside serving European and Asian too. My aim is to attack the Pakistani food! Ready to drool.

Oh no..I forgot the name of this dish, but this tastes SO GOOD! It's a mixed salad with chicken slices, combination of lettuce, peas, potatoes and more! 

Chicken Tikka Masala is my dish! I haven't eaten this dish in like many many years and to have this again is bliss. The chicken and gravy taste delicious, a little bit spicy for me but acceptable. It tastes a little bit like curry to me but I know some of you will beg to differ if you're an expert in Pakistani cuisine.. hehe.

Chicken Buryani is Ad's. She loved it very much and I think this was her 2nd time eating this dish at Red Onion. The main criteria of a good briyani is the rice, and this dish succeed :) 

Cheese Naan is fluffy and fresh. We wanted a side dish just in case our main dish weren't enough. But boy we were wrong, we were almost full when we were done with our main dish! Tamak punya pasal..  haha. Anyway, I 'cicah' the naan with Chicken Tikka Masala. Best oo! 

This is Raita, a gravy or sauce to eat it on its own or to dip your naan! This is something new to me. It's yogurt seasoned with herbs and spices. It goes well with rice too! I'm not sure if I really like it, but it's not that bad.

And to conclude our meal, a dessert to the rescue. Almond Pudding is a refreshing dessert that really cools down your throat and body. It's super sweet to me, and of heavy and creamy base too. I regretted for not being able to finish this because my tummy was full. But I managed to dig it halfway through. I can say I LOVE the Almond Pudding and would come back here to have this again :)

I feel that the price is slightly higher judging by the portion size. But since all of the dish we had taste delicious and satisfying, I didn't really mind.

Service Quality : 5/5 
Food & Drinks Quality : 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Price : $$
Will I come back? : YES

Rating Guide  
1/5 : Poor 
 2/5 : Fair 
 3/5 :Average   
4/5 : Good  
5/5 : Excellent 
$ :Budget  
$$ : Mid-range  
$$$ : Splurge 

Operation Hours :
 12pm – 12am daily 

Red Onion, 

No. 4, Jalan Telawi,

Bangsar 59100,

Kuala Lumpur.


Tel : 03-22016674



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    1. Come and try this place! hehe. Do you like middle eastern and pakistani cuisine?

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