Shine and sparkle with Ollie Jewellery - Genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery!

July 17, 2013

Hey hey loves! Selamat Berpuasa and Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim family, friends and readers; wherever you are around the world. May this Ramadhan be a better one for all of us, and bring us closer to Allah and our loved ones. 

Have you shopped for Hari Raya yet?

I've got my Baju Raya way too early and to complete the set, I need accessories too! I'm thinking of a simple yet glam piece of jewellery because I think my Baju Raya is dah cukup meriah already. And better yet, I can shop it online! Where? At Ollie! Keep on reading to know more about the latest online jewellery store in town.

For the first time in my life (Okay Im being very jakun), I received a jewellery in my mail. I've never shopped for accessories via online before so I was super and happy excited when this reached my doorstep. Bubble-wrapped is great to protect the items from damage. 

I present to you, my latest baby of my accessories collection: Heart CZ Dangle Earrings. If you don't know me by now, well I'm a hopeless romantic; hence, I chose the heart-shaped earring. I feel awful the fact that my camera is lousy and not able to show how sparkly and shiny these babes are. 

Okay let's talk more about Ollie Jewellery!

  • Ollie Jewellery's designs are inspired from Fine Jewellery Style. The workmanship, metal finish (Rhodium-plated) and stone setting is also set in the same way as fine jewellery. Their aim is to offer contemporary and elegant  designs  at the most affordable price so customers can  look super glam and classy without burning a hole in their pocket! 
  • Ollie Jewellery takes pride in the quality of their jewellery. They are genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery and will make sure that customers definitely get what the see in their online store. Because customer service is their top priority and they are committed to making sure that customers get the best experience possible. The team works hard to build a customer-friendly online jewellery store and build close relaitonships with customers. 

It's good for a great night out or a simple day occasion! I can rock this at many functions because its design is simple yet classy, chic and glamour. I'm happy and satisfied with what I chose and it looks exactly like in the photos on their website. Shiny, sparkly, and cute!

Sorry for the awful skin. Bad skin day.

DID I HEAR SALE? Okay you don't want to miss this. Ollie Jewellery is currently running Mid Year Sale for most of their items with discount up to 30%. Hari Raya is around the corner and if you haven't found the perfect accessories to strut with, head over to Ollie Jewellery then! Not just Hari Raya okay, if you all ni hopeless romantic like me, why not buy one for your loved ones? You may just find your perfect match there. I know I have! ;) NOW GO!

Visit WWW.OLLIEJEWELLERY.COM to start shopping! 
And show your love and support by liking their Facebook page :

Now saya tak sabar nak Raya!! Everything is ready. Cewah!


*Thank you Miss Nani and Ollie Jewellery team for the awesome customer service. :)

Glamorous bag of Bag of Love! (May Edition)

July 03, 2013

Bag of Love has impressed me once again! Remember Bag of Love Tea Party? We were lucky to be given this May edition for free, exclusively for those who attended the Tea Party!Wheeeeeee!

This edition is everything glam and luxury. The bag itself is very chic and classic! And when I open it, I see a brand that I've wanted to own for a very long time because I can't afford it. Keep on reading to know which one! The bag is spacious, look at the number of items that can be fit into this handy bag.

This is undeniably cute. That's MiMi, the founder and super woman of Bag of Love. I've met her at the Bag of Love Tea Party, and she is such a friendly and inspiring super mom; very sweet and kind too. I've always loved your welcome/product guide card, MiMi!

 Dove Beauty Nourishing Boday Wash, Full-size RM6.90
  • Well-known for its nourishing products, Dove has never failed to attract consumers. This has a lovely scent that lingers on your skin throughout the day; leaving it soft and smooth.

Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax, 250ml, RM78
  • I've never tried Kerastase products before. When it comes to hair, I like to stick to certain brands; mainly Schwarzkopf and L'oreal, but I'm willing to try this one because the scent attracts me and this particular range has been rated 4 to 5 stars in many beauty websites. This caters to curb frizzy hair which is what I've been 'suffering' for the past 10 years, so I will definitely give it a try soon.

 Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, 60 capsules, RM320
  • THIS. THIS IS IT! THIS is the brand that I know I can never afford! I'm ecstatic when I see this in the bag. RM320?? Oh my... Thank you Bag of Love!!! Another 5 star rated product here! This works to retexturize your skin, prevent wrinkles and smoothen skin. This is applied twice, morning and evening after cleansing face; I think once a week should suffic; mahai kot benda ni! I can't wait to share this with my mom; because well, she needs this more than I do (hehe!), maybe I just take two capsules, or three..or..

Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, Full-Size, RM30
  • My first Crabtree&Evelyn product! Yay! Oh la la....this hand lotion smells divine!!!! So relaxing,'s like I want to bathe in this! Do they have a body wash for this one?! The scent reminds me of lush green settings with a mix of lavender, well it says somerset meadow; indeed it is!! My hand feels softer too. I love it!

 Calvin Klein Eternity EDP, 50ml, RM254 & Eternity for Men EDT, 50ml, RM209
  • The scent is not that bad, but not my type. I'm into floral or fruity fragrance. This is one is mild, which is good as I don't like strong ones. It symbolizes romantic and luxurious, contrary to what I like; which is fun and sporting. I don't really like this scent, but I guess it's not too bad.

There are vouchers of the mentioned brands too; including a voucher of RM38 worth of Basic Manicure at Amante Spa. Too bad that it's only for new customers only. I'm an existing customer. Perhaps I'll pass it on to my sisters or friends who have been pestering my ears that they need a manicure but never got it done! HMMPH!

On a sidenote, there's an extra in the bag! Lavender body lotion by Crabtree & Evelyn. Haven't tried this out yet but it's lavender, how wrong can it go? Something about lavender just fits me..

What I like about this bag:
  • Many many items. The brands are well-known, trusted and highly rated by customers. 
  • Im a scent person..and all the products here have nice scent.
  • Contains Elizabeth Arden product which is perhaps the most luxurious skincare I've ever received in a beauty box.
What I dislike about this bag:
  • No makeup tools. I feel that beauty box/bags should start giving out beauty or makeup tools. Bag of Love's previous edition had a contour brush from Definite! I was hoping for May edition would have a brush too. hehe.
  • I wish there is a makeup product, like blushers or a lipstick sample.

What do you think of this edition? If you like it and wish to subscribe Bag of Love, click the links below to get started:


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*Note: This set was given to me by Bag of Love as bloggers collaboration. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine and straight from the heart :)

Review: ZA Total Hydration Range (10 days challenge)

July 02, 2013

Hello hello ;) Za's latest Total Hydration Range claims to give hydrating and brightening results in 10 days. I'm fortunate to say that I don't have sensitive or acne prone skin, so testing new facial skincare is not that scary to me. Gladly accepted the challenge, so keep on reading to find out what happened!

The Total Hydrating Range falls under moisturizing category. It claims to resolve dryness and stickiness. The packaging itself gives me a good first impression. As I unpack the set, my first habit is to smell every product there is. And I realise that the whole range has a similar scent that I really like. I'm not quite sure of what is the exact ingredient that lifts the scent, but it reminds me a little bit of jasmine green tea? It's definitely soothing, calming, and relaxing!

Total Hydration Moist Foamy Cleanser
I can say this cleanser is super foamy as it claims to be! I only need to use just a bit, mix it with water and it lathers up nicely. It's gentle and oh god..the scent just gets me! This cleanser is refreshing and cleanses my face well.

Total Hydration Rich Lucent Lotion
Okay I'm not sure if this is true, but according to my experience, lotion's texture is different from toner. I feel that toner is more of water-based and non sticky, whereas lotion is a little bit sticky so you can apply it with your hands. Correct me if I'm wrong? Leave a comment! :)  Anyway, this lotion can be applied with hands, spread it all over your face with your palm, pat it gently; OR apply with cotton pad and even out starting from the centre of your face. I notice that this lotion is a little bit sticky, but it absorbs into my skin really quickly, so you don't waste time waiting to go to the next step!

Total Hydration Day Cream White
Total Hydration Night Cream White
These are the latest addition to the Total Hydration range. These cream contains a combination of Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C to brighten skin in just 10 days, as well as replenishes lost moisture and rebalances skin.  

Total Hydration Day Cream White : As you can see from the photo above, the day cream's texture is more thick, as I believe this is due to the SPF. The day cream is too thick for me and it's sticky after application. It takes a long time to absorb. I have a combination skin, where my Tzone is oily and my cheeks are dry. When I apply this all over my face, I feel that my Tzone gets oilier but my cheeks are fine. As much as I love the scent, the texture of the cream doesn't suit to my liking as it gives my skin the oily-shine look :(. Apart from that, I test this product after my vacation in Hong Kong & Singapore where it was super sunny and I was out under the sun most of the time for tours. I'm happy to say that it repairs my skin from the damaging sun by brightening and hydrating.

Total Hydration Night Cream White : The texture of this cream is lighter and it looks like it contains more water, so I prefer this so much more over the day cream. The scent is amazing too and gives me a calming feeling, easier to go to bed. I use this as my final step for my night routine. It works great for my Tzone because it's not heavy. It's a little bit sticky upon application but absorbs fairly quickly. I want to scream when I see my skin glows the next morning the moment I wake up! It works its magic when I'm asleep. I really LOVE this cream and I can foresee I will be using this for a really long time :)

What I like about this range:
  • It has a relaxing scent that totally calms you down.
  • The lotion is refreshing.
  • The night cream gives you a glowy and radiant skin.
  • Price range is affordable
  • Available in drugstores 
  • Cute packaging (PINK!)
  • Brightens and hydrates skin. 

What I dislike about this range:
  • The day cream's texture is too thick for me.
  • Not suitable for those with oily skin. 

 Thank you ZA for sending me these products!
For more information about ZA and its skincare range, click here: ZA official website

Have you tried this range or other ZA products? Let me know your experience by commenting below! :)


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*Note: This set was given to me by ZA as bloggers collaboration. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine and straight from the heart :)