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July 17, 2013

Hey hey loves! Selamat Berpuasa and Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim family, friends and readers; wherever you are around the world. May this Ramadhan be a better one for all of us, and bring us closer to Allah and our loved ones. 

Have you shopped for Hari Raya yet?

I've got my Baju Raya way too early and to complete the set, I need accessories too! I'm thinking of a simple yet glam piece of jewellery because I think my Baju Raya is dah cukup meriah already. And better yet, I can shop it online! Where? At Ollie! Keep on reading to know more about the latest online jewellery store in town.

For the first time in my life (Okay Im being very jakun), I received a jewellery in my mail. I've never shopped for accessories via online before so I was super and happy excited when this reached my doorstep. Bubble-wrapped is great to protect the items from damage. 

I present to you, my latest baby of my accessories collection: Heart CZ Dangle Earrings. If you don't know me by now, well I'm a hopeless romantic; hence, I chose the heart-shaped earring. I feel awful the fact that my camera is lousy and not able to show how sparkly and shiny these babes are. 

Okay let's talk more about Ollie Jewellery!

  • Ollie Jewellery's designs are inspired from Fine Jewellery Style. The workmanship, metal finish (Rhodium-plated) and stone setting is also set in the same way as fine jewellery. Their aim is to offer contemporary and elegant  designs  at the most affordable price so customers can  look super glam and classy without burning a hole in their pocket! 
  • Ollie Jewellery takes pride in the quality of their jewellery. They are genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery and will make sure that customers definitely get what the see in their online store. Because customer service is their top priority and they are committed to making sure that customers get the best experience possible. The team works hard to build a customer-friendly online jewellery store and build close relaitonships with customers. 

It's good for a great night out or a simple day occasion! I can rock this at many functions because its design is simple yet classy, chic and glamour. I'm happy and satisfied with what I chose and it looks exactly like in the photos on their website. Shiny, sparkly, and cute!

Sorry for the awful skin. Bad skin day.

DID I HEAR SALE? Okay you don't want to miss this. Ollie Jewellery is currently running Mid Year Sale for most of their items with discount up to 30%. Hari Raya is around the corner and if you haven't found the perfect accessories to strut with, head over to Ollie Jewellery then! Not just Hari Raya okay, if you all ni hopeless romantic like me, why not buy one for your loved ones? You may just find your perfect match there. I know I have! ;) NOW GO!

Visit WWW.OLLIEJEWELLERY.COM to start shopping! 
And show your love and support by liking their Facebook page :

Now saya tak sabar nak Raya!! Everything is ready. Cewah!


*Thank you Miss Nani and Ollie Jewellery team for the awesome customer service. :)

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