Avene Beauty Workshop by Vanity Trove

August 25, 2013

Hi, everyone. I rarely attend beauty workshops, but I couldn't resist this one; as it is one of my favourite brands; Avene. Fell in love with the Avene Thermal Spring Water mist of over a year ago, so I've got to find out more about Avene's range of products. It was a hands-on and fun experience with many bloggers! :)

 Vanity Trove invited its members to a beauty workshop by Avene at Cafe Barbara in Bangsar. It's an Italian restaurant and the interior really reminds me of the Italian cafes I saw in Italy last time.

Our table was ready with sample size products -the complete set, and tools for the pampering session.

A welcome speech and a short talk on the unique points of Avene Thermal Spring Water were conducted by the women behind Vanity Trove and Avene! This was very informative because I didn't know that Avene Thermal Spring Water managed to cure rashes..on animals too! WHOA!

Avene's skincare products are catered specially for sensitive skin -those with insensitive skin are allowed to use  it too. Those with acne prone and itchy skin are encouraged to use Avene because Avene Thermal Spring Water has been tested and proven to reduce and cure skin problems. It can be used in your everyday routine as well like after shaving, diaper rash, itchiness of insect bites, soothe eczema, face mist to refresh, setting makeup, post-surgery, sunburnts and many other skin difficulties. Its multipurpose really amazed all of us at the workshop! 

If you want to wake up with an awesome flawless skin, make sure to practice this crucial skincare routine with Avene: 

Step 1: Remove makeup (MUST! Or else your skin will clog!)
Step 2: Cleanse with Avene's gentle cleanser
Step 3: Mask - Take a cotton pad and mask sheet and spray Avene Thermal Spring Water until it is complete soaked and put it onto your face and eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes. You will feel refresh and clean instantly!
Step 4: Tone
Step 5: Moisturize
Step 6: Sun protection

Avene skincare range has different range to suit your skin : Dry, Combination, Oily. 

Here are me and Joanna relaxing with our awesome masks. We never thought of spraying face mist onto mask, yeah? Now we know! 

Tadaaaaaaaa! Look at my cleaned and pampered skin! hehe What do you think?

Honestly, the products did justice as what it claims to be. My skin is softer and it doesn't hurt my pimples which I had along my jawline. I felt absolutely cleaned and refreshed! 

We were lucky to bring home a set of Avene products that suit our skin type. I tested them for 3 weeks and I really really REALLY loved it and my face had this glow that I never thought I would see every morning. hehe. Serious tak tipu ok.. !!!

If you would like to know more about the awesomeness bits of Avene, kindly visit:-

Eau Thermale Avene

Vanity Trove


*Thanks Vanity Trove for the invite!

Syawal 2013

August 22, 2013

Salam and hello to all! :) I guess semua dah masuk keje minggu ni, ke ada yang masih cuti lagi ni? Kalau ye, wahh seronoknya! Ada juga yang dah masuk masuk kerja pertengahan minggu lepas kan.. Ape ape pun, semoga semua enjoy balik kampung and had an awesome Hari Raya bersama keluarga dan sahabat yang dah lama kita tak jumpa.. :) Ada yang jumpa setahun sekali je kan.. hehe

Syawal saya tahun ni simple je.. rasanya macam makin lama makin simple..time kecik kecik je semangat Raya, kan? Walaupun simple, tapi tahun ni ada lain sikit sebab bertambah ahli keluarga; tunang my sis ikut balik kampung, cousin bawa isteri, and ada cousin yang dah pulang ke tanah air setelah bertahun-tahun belajar di Mesir. As usual, balik kampung belah Papa, iaitu Kedah! :)

Jom layan gambar...

Keluarga saya memang tak pakai theme. Nak pakai colour ape pun, pakailah! Janji segak dan manis. Tahun ni saya pilih colour mustard. Betul kan mustard? Nak kata kuning bukan..brown pun bukan.. And first time Raya tahun ni pakai long dress kaftan yang sangat comfortable, berangin dan tak panas langsung. Bandung mari, ok!

Makeup saya simple je.. malas nak heavy-heavy takut nanti berpeluh-peluh minyak pulak muka. Janji ada cheek colour, lip colour dan eyeliner! Wajib! :)

With adik-adikku yang gila-gila. Haih..dah besar diorang ni.. dulu kecik je. Dah pandai bawak kereta, dating sana sini.. Saya pun dah rasa makin tua... dan bila makin tua.. semua orang tanya "Bila nak kahwin?". Soalan yang wajib ditanya oleh saudara setiap kali pulang ke kampung. Belum sampai jodohnya... hehee chills dulu okay. Bila dah ada, confirm saya akan announce, betui dak? *wink*

My loving parents yang sangat romantic. Salute la..sampai ke tua pun masih romantic macam first first time jumpa dulu :)

Sesi titis air mata. hehe..bersama atok saya..one and only. :)

Eh? Tahun lepas 6, tahun ni..7! Jejaka yang berbaju Melayu putih tu, itulah tunang my sis. Nama dia Mehdi, orang Iran. Tahun ni dia nak belajar adat kita, so dia ikut keluarga saya balik kampung. They are getting married in less than 3 weeks! 

With kakak ku yang macam artis ni. 

Mak dara dan anak-dara :) Yang mak dara pun dah boleh blend in dgn anak dara. Semua nampak muda dan manis! :)

Macam mana dengan Hari Raya you guys? 



Dove launched "Rambutmu,Mahkotamu" - Be Free of Hair Fall, Be Empowered

August 21, 2013

I admit; I have hair fall problem. Whenever I shampoo my hair, a monster ball of hair is created in my hands. I'm not shy to admit this because it is a common problem among us women, but not openly discussed. Thanks to Dove, I'm going to explore this latest range of hair care to curb hair fall!

Alhamdulillah syukur, I was invited to attend the media launch of Dove's latest campaign "Rambutmu, Mahkotamu" at Double Tree by Hilton, followed by majlis buka puasa. It was my first time at Double Tree, and first time buka puasa at hotel :)

The event layout was superb. Gotta love the lighting and stage. Exclusive!

"Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu" is Dove's first ever campaign to inpsire Malaysian women to curb hair fall and lend a helping hand to each other for support and aspiration. Dove is collecting 10,000 voices of aspirational statements to signify the commitment made to stop hair fall from interfering women's everyday life.

The event was hosted by Nana Mahzan, one of my favourite celebs. She is actually heavily pregnant now but you can't see it in this picture kan? hehe hot mama! Super friendly and super gorgeous too.

This was a fun session for the audience A short talk was conducted on hair fall problems and audience was given a number of coloured cards to answer questions, by raising the right colour code for the answer you have chosen. It was fun to see many people had different thoughts and myths on hair fall.

"Rambutmu, Mahkotamu" is championed by two real women, Athiya and Hasreena who are the ambassadors for this campaign. They have been best friends for 10 years and suffered hair fall. Thanks to Dove Hair Fall Rescue System, they have found their solution! As best friends, they never stop suggesting solutions and giving moral support to each other to live life :)

The launch of Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu & Dove Hair Fall Rescue System

With celebrity friends, Dynas Mokhtar and Yasmin Hani, Athiya & Hasreena, and the powerful women of Dove Malaysia. They are holding their aspirations! I have mine too! Tungggu..

Thanks for the photo, Dove! I invited Joanna Choong a.k.a. Josarine to join the event as well! Check out her blog if you haven't!

Thank you Dove for the goodies. This is the whole set of Dove Hair Fall Rescue System; "which contains Trichazole Actives to help anchor hair firmly in place at the roots, nourishing the area where hair fall occurs."

  • Shampoo (375ml) - RM14.90
  • Conditioner (180ml) - RM9.90
  • Intensive Hair Tonic - RM32.90

When 10,000 voices are collected, Dove will donate RM10,000 to Dove Empowerment Fund to help less fortunate women with hair problems - beauty workshops, charity events, etc! Isn't that amazing?

You can contribute your voices and be part of the Dove's empowerment effort in four simple steps:

1) Log on to Dove Hair Malaysia Facebook page
2) Click on Dove Rambutmu Mahkotamu application
3) Complete the aspirational statement, "If I was free from hair fall...."
4) Lastly, women can choose if they would like to play a role in the Dove Empowerment Fund

What about you?? :)

They need 10,000 voices! Don't forget to spread the word and invite your friends to join in the fun too!

Thank you Jess from Edelman PR and Dove for inviting me! Cheers!


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

August 05, 2013

Hi, everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my dearest Muslim readers, family, and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin!! I apologize if I've ever said or posted anything that may have offended or hurt your feelings. Let's start a new chapter and I hope to write and share things more often. Thanks everyone for the support and love for my blog which keeps me going till today. 
Happy Holidays to all and those who are on the road to balik kampung, safe journey and may God bless you and your loved ones! 

Have a wonderful Hari Raya celebration filled with love, happiness and laughter! 

Lina Azhari