Avene Beauty Workshop by Vanity Trove

August 25, 2013

Hi, everyone. I rarely attend beauty workshops, but I couldn't resist this one; as it is one of my favourite brands; Avene. Fell in love with the Avene Thermal Spring Water mist of over a year ago, so I've got to find out more about Avene's range of products. It was a hands-on and fun experience with many bloggers! :)

 Vanity Trove invited its members to a beauty workshop by Avene at Cafe Barbara in Bangsar. It's an Italian restaurant and the interior really reminds me of the Italian cafes I saw in Italy last time.

Our table was ready with sample size products -the complete set, and tools for the pampering session.

A welcome speech and a short talk on the unique points of Avene Thermal Spring Water were conducted by the women behind Vanity Trove and Avene! This was very informative because I didn't know that Avene Thermal Spring Water managed to cure rashes..on animals too! WHOA!

Avene's skincare products are catered specially for sensitive skin -those with insensitive skin are allowed to use  it too. Those with acne prone and itchy skin are encouraged to use Avene because Avene Thermal Spring Water has been tested and proven to reduce and cure skin problems. It can be used in your everyday routine as well like after shaving, diaper rash, itchiness of insect bites, soothe eczema, face mist to refresh, setting makeup, post-surgery, sunburnts and many other skin difficulties. Its multipurpose really amazed all of us at the workshop! 

If you want to wake up with an awesome flawless skin, make sure to practice this crucial skincare routine with Avene: 

Step 1: Remove makeup (MUST! Or else your skin will clog!)
Step 2: Cleanse with Avene's gentle cleanser
Step 3: Mask - Take a cotton pad and mask sheet and spray Avene Thermal Spring Water until it is complete soaked and put it onto your face and eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes. You will feel refresh and clean instantly!
Step 4: Tone
Step 5: Moisturize
Step 6: Sun protection

Avene skincare range has different range to suit your skin : Dry, Combination, Oily. 

Here are me and Joanna relaxing with our awesome masks. We never thought of spraying face mist onto mask, yeah? Now we know! 

Tadaaaaaaaa! Look at my cleaned and pampered skin! hehe What do you think?

Honestly, the products did justice as what it claims to be. My skin is softer and it doesn't hurt my pimples which I had along my jawline. I felt absolutely cleaned and refreshed! 

We were lucky to bring home a set of Avene products that suit our skin type. I tested them for 3 weeks and I really really REALLY loved it and my face had this glow that I never thought I would see every morning. hehe. Serious tak tipu ok.. !!!

If you would like to know more about the awesomeness bits of Avene, kindly visit:-

Eau Thermale Avene

Vanity Trove


*Thanks Vanity Trove for the invite!


  1. Thermal spring water is my fav mist of all time :)

    1. Yes I agree! It is a must-have in our bags kan! :)

  2. bestnya! and you looked super refreshed after that mask, love this!


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