Koji Dolly Wink Workshop with Bloggers

September 30, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! Sorry I know I've been missing for awhile..was pretty busy with sister's wedding events, family gatherings, etc. But hey I'm back and I want to share with you this super kawaiii beauty workshop with bloggers which I attended earlier this month.

Thanks so much to The Butterfly Project for extending the invitation to me! If you're familiar with asian makeup brands, I'm sure you have heard of Koji that produced Dolly Wink! Yes, that brand that only focuses to 'wow' our eyes!

The workshop was conducted in a private area at Little Pantry in IOI Mall. My first impression when I stepped into the workshop "Omg. I want to wake up every morning with my room looking like this and all these kawaii makeup around me!!!". Everything was colourful and girly, which I love! I'm a sucker for cute packaging so let's see some pics.

Here's a brief story on Koji. Koji is one of Japan's leading makeup brand, famous for its fake eyelash variety. It has two lines; Spring Heart series which has sold 8 million items in 3 years, and Dolly Wink series which has sold 16 million items since 2005. Koji had collaborated with celebrity Tsubasa Masuwaka to produce the famous Dolly Wink line. She is THE icon for the kawaii look that is very popular among Asians, specifically Japan.

Dolly Wink doesn't only have fake eyelash, but also eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow and mascara. They focus only on eyes as it has been the number one concern for the Japanese.

Eyelash and Cream Eyeshadow.

Eyeliner (Liquid and Pencil)

More eyelash and its glue!

As you can tell, I can't get my camera off the beautiful packaging and deco of this workshop. My heart just fluttered!

Eyeshadow. Great quality and very pigmented too!

Koji has flown in their beauty guru, who we called Sensei to teach us how to put on eyelash and explain about Koji. She spoke Japanese throughout the workshop but of course there was a translator next to her. Both were really friendly and helpful!

Besides sharing tips and company information with us, Koji launched its latest line "Lash Concierge" recently. Lash Concierge is all about offering you natural looking fake eyelash that is suitable for you to wear in whatever occasions...day out, party, or office! It's so natural that people can't tell if you're wearing it. What's even better? It's hand-made, so that's why it's super soft!

Koji has appointed Yumi Hirano as the face of Lash Concierge. Very pretty!

The packaging for this range comes with two sets of eyelash in one pack. Lash Concierge has also their own eyelash glue, called Eyelash Fix. It claims to be gentle on the skin, outstanding adhesion, contains plant hyaluronic acid and rose extract, and easy to take off. You don't need to worry about pulling your eyelids to take those fake lash off!

These are testers that we got the chance to play with! They are hand-made and very delicate. All you need is a mirror, put this on your real lashes, and see which one you like best.

This is the complete range of Lash Concierge. They have 8 types of eyelash that you can choose from. Can you see the percentage for all the eyelash? It means the higher percentage it is, the more natural that eyelash will look on you. As you can see from those eyes, it looks so natural, kan? Macam tak pakai fake eyelash..! The Lash Concierge line will be available in Malaysia in November-December..just in time for Christmas!

Sensei demonstrated the correct ways to put on eyelash. The key is to be very gentle and instead of taking out the eyelash from its packaging using your finger tips, swipe it with your thumb outward gently.

We got to play with these babies!! I didn't know Dolly Wink makeup are amazing! I'm already jotting down some in my wishlist. This was my first time trying on Dolly Wink line and already in love!

Here are my top picks:

Left: Dolly Wink Cream Eyshadow in 01 Gold. Create the watery effect that is seen on many Japanese girls!
Right: Dolly Wink Eyebrow collection. They have 3; mascara type, pencil type and powder type. I don't know why I've never bothered with putting on anything on my thick eyebrows before this..but when I tried the mascara eyebrow on, it looked good! The mascara eyebrow is great for thick eyebrows. One of their best-sellings!

Their brand new Curving Eyelash Curler. Now this..this.is.awesome!!

This eyelash curler is handmade. It has a bow shape curving frame, which picks up every bit of your lashes. The packaging comes with a protective case so you won't get it all dusty and dirty. These are not produced in mass because it requires artisanal skill and attention to details. It's so gentle on your lashes..you can just feel it. Tak keras and macam 'memaksa' eyelash kita. hahaa..

Now let's try!

Holy molyyyyyy. Look at that. Crazy!!! Nak??? Go to Sasa!

Us girls, doing the thing we love.

So glad to meet these lovely girls again since The Bag of Love Tea Party! Farisha and Mamasan and founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy Lim.

I was glad to meet and make friends with many other bloggers on that day too, especially those that I've been following for some time. Finally met Sabrina Tajudin and Sabby Prue too! (takde gambar...waaaaa) :(

Cupcakes and cake. I don't think anyone touched this! Too pretty to be eaten!

Thank you Koji for the generous gifts! Time to play with 'em! :)

Click these links to find out more about Koji:

Website: http://www.koji-honpo.co.jp/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DollywinkMalaysia

Thanks again The Butterfly Project for the invite! :)


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Weekend Wishlist #1

September 07, 2013

Salam and hi everyone! Starting this weekend, I will post a Weekend Wishlist every week. I would like to share some of the things that I would love to buy or things that I've got my eyes on for a pretty long time. At the same time I would like to know your thoughts on these items in my wishlist if you've tried 'em! :) 

I don't think this wishlist has a certain theme. It's a mix of all types of products/items.

1) Make Up Forever HD Foundation 
  • I'm not a liquid foundation person (more to BB cream), but I tested this on last time at Sephora and I was amazed by how awesome this foundation is. My skin was flawless, every little bit of dots or redness on my skin were covered up completely. It lasted for a whole day, even when I was sweating. Been hearing the rave about this fella from almost every Youtube guru that I subscribe to!
2) Kardashian Kollection black & white printed blouse
  • Kardashians..love 'em or hate 'em? Well I absolutely love them, and their fashion sense has always been my top choice! This blouse is suitable for us who live in tropical countries like Malaysia, because it's not thick, and berangin and macam sedap pakai.. and Kardashian Kollection's cutting make you look like you shed 10kg!
3) Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume
  • I had the body mist from the same collection and totally fell in love with the scent, but sadly it's finished now. Body mist doesn't last all day like perfume, so I thought I shall get the perfume as well. The scent is sweet, yet seductive and sexy too. Why I say sexy? Because a number of guys have asked me before what perfume was I wearing because they love the smell and tempted to sniff again and again! So if u all nak seduce your boyfriend/husband..cuba try ni. hahahaa. 
4) Real Techniques brushes
  • One of the best brushes collection in the world as claimed by many beauty lovers. Founded by makeup artist Samantha Chapman who also goes by the name PixiWoo on Youtube. When I look at the price, it's a bit too expensive for me. But if it's worth it, why not right? My brushes are getting old, must get new ones soon. 

So there you go; My first weekend wishlist! Do you have a wishlist? or Have you bought any of these items? Would love to hear from you! :)

Have a great weekend! 


Yana's Birthday Dinner @ Shisha Lounge, Solaris Mont Kiara

September 05, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! I feel it's been too long since the last I did restaurant/food review, kan? Last week (29th August), it was my sister, Diyana's birthday. She turned 26! Her fiance and I were planning to do a suprise party at first but somehow the birthday girl just had to ruin it! So, it turned out to be just a birthday dinner..with no surprise.. boooo.

Anyway, we wanted to go to a place where it opens late, good food, and fun atmosphere. We headed to Shisha Lounge in Solaris Mont Kiara to celebrate! I've read and heard amazing reviews about this place and Im glad to say it didn't dissapoint all of us that night.

We ordered some salad as appetizer and as for the main dish, Koobideh Kebab (lamb and beef) which came with Saffron rice, along with basket of Naan. Ya Allah.. everything that was on the table tasted SUPER DELICIOUS! I couldn't stop putting taking the kebab and om nom nom nom! I think we ordered too much (tamak sangat sebab dah lapar kan), but definitely satisfied!

From left to right: me, Birthday girl Diyana, Azleen, Atikah, Nadila. BFFs!

Our table was situated near the stage and dancefloor. Shisha Lounge has a live band that plays I think almost every night according to the regulars there. Around 10.30pm, the band started playing to interesting Persian and Middle Eastern tunes as well as a mixture of English too. They are really good and have great vocals! I forgot to take a pic of the band because I guess I was stuffing my face with the food like a beast.. It was fun to see little kids and adults dancing the night away :)

Shisha Lounge is a restaurant/bar/lepak place..you name it. Indoor seating are the usual dining tables, whereas for outdoor there are gazebos and coffee tables where you can lepak and shisha the night away. None of us wanted to shisha that night so we just lepak lepak sembang.. We shifted to outdoor after dinner because we felt that the music was too loud and we nak lepak.. hehe.

It was time to bring out the cake! The pretty manager and his team came out from behind with colourful wigs, and cheered and sang Happy Birthday to my sister! Thank you for the sweet gesture, Shisha Lounge! 

My sister and her fiance.

Thanks Atikah and Azleen for the cake, cupcakes and balloons! Sedap! :) Wondermilk can never go wrong kan..hehe

We ordered some Persian tea and would you look at the presentation!! So exclusive and traditional. Beautiful! Gorgeous tea glasses and pots!

After much laughter and chitchatting, we left about 1.30am as most of us were tired and got to go work the next day. Once again, Happy Happy Birthday to my sister who is also a bride-to-be in a week's time! May your days ahead be filled with happiness and love. I know Im not a good sister some time, but we are sisters, forever and always.. Eh eh..emo plak. 

I really recommend this place if you're into Middle Eastern cuisine, and want a fun atmosphere and ambience for celebrations or any kind of parties. Do call up and make reservations because when we were there it was Thursday night and it was full house! Can't imagine weekends! 

Service Quality : 5/5 
Food & Drinks Quality : 5/5
Ambience : 5/5

Price : $$

Will I come back? : YES

Rating Guide  
1/5 : Poor 
 2/5 : Fair 
 3/5 :Average   
4/5 : Good  
5/5 : Excellent 
$ :Budget  
$$ : Mid-range  
$$$ : Splurge 

Operation Hours :
 12pm – 3am daily 

Tel :
03-6211 2338 H/P: 017 616 4043