Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with MURAD

October 07, 2013

One day I was doing self-examination and I felt a lump (like a size of a marble) at the edge of my right breast. I was panicked... I was contemplating if I should go see the doctor or no. I ignored it for the next few days..and the lump was still there. Oh no.. I was even more worried! I decided to see a breast specialist to get it checked..did my ultrasound etc. It turned out to be an infected cyst that didn't interfere my breast tissue, but just the skin layer, and it was NOT cancerous. Alhamdulillah...ya Allah. She gave me antibiotics and the swelling started to fade slowly. The doctor said it was good that I came early or else it could have been something else which may be more serious, and may affect my breast tissue. And there have been cases where cysts are cancerous. Starting from that day, I've been more conscious about my breasts, and I have been doing self examinations more frequent now, besides eating healthily and working out. Please ladies (and gentleman!), if you feel something is not right with your breasts, go get it checked. tak rugi pun! Prevention is better than cure.

It's Pink October, which means it's the month of breast cancer awareness campaign. This cause is so dear to me because I have lost many aunts and grandaunts to breast cancer. Let's all support this cause and spread the awareness on breast cancer. There will be free breast examination!

See you at MURAD in Empire Shopping Gallery this Thursday at 3pm!

Lina Azhari

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