Guess Luxe Leather Handbag Collection Launch

November 25, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! My oh my..the year is ending! It's the holiday season..think Christmas, year end parties and new year parties..and I'm sure you want to look fab when attending those parties, right? If you fancy leather bags, you may want to check out GUESS's latest leather handbag collection! Recently, GUESS launched its GUESS Luxe collection which offers gorgeous handbag designs with high quality leather, for FALL/WINTER 2013 Collection and PRE-SPRING 2014 Collection.

Thank to The Butterfly Project for extending the invitation to me and other fellow fashion lovers from the community! The launch was held at Guess Accessories Store in The Gardens Mall..attended by 50 butterflies and people from the media.

Models dancing around in cute sexy uniforms while parading with the handbags! I couldn't wait to get my hands on those bags! Ahhh

The ever gorgeous Patricia K who was the celebrity and host of the launching ceremony. Let me tell you something, she is my motivation to look pretty and fabulous always! She's so gorgeous laaaaa..and that lovely handbag looks just good on her!

GUESS Luxe's pieces are a fusion of design and luxury, which complements contemporary and urban chic woman, who loves a sense of style and femininity in their wardrobe. From flap bags to clutches to satchel bags, to shopper bags, GUESS Luxe can help you look elegant and classy from evening to night. 

Now let's swoon over the collections!






These are just some of the handbags that I managed to capture. They have a whole lot more designs for you to choose! Head over to their stores to see more! 

Besides drooling and wishing over the handbags, there was a contest going on at the launch! It was a fun and easy contest! Guests needed to choose whichever handbags displayed and take as many photos as they wanted (creative pose of course) and Instagram it. Winners got to go home with handbags worth more than RM800++.  How could I not participate? Nak try gakk..

 This is my FAVOURITE one from the PRIMROSE line, Medium Flap Bag. 

Box Satchel Bag from TIMELESS line

Box Satchel Bag from MY G'S line

So happy to meet this honey again! I first met her at The Butterfly Project Tea Party and it was our first Butterfly event together and that was many many months ago! Gorgeous and stylo as ever, Sabrina! :) Check out her blog HERE!

So who won the contest? 

Congrats ladies! Those handbags they were holding...yeap..they got to take those home! Wahhh jeles! hehe

With fellow gorgeous butterflies! We are like sisters..just from different families! 

We didn't go home empty-handed. I was very surprised with the goodie bag.. because just a few weeks ago I lost my thumbdrive and wanted to get a new one but I was broke. Then..this came along... Alhamdulillah, rezeki! Thank you Guess Malaysia!!! 

We got to take home a GUESS scarf and GUESS thumbdrive!! 

You may find these lovely leather handbags at these stores below:

Suria KLCC
Mid Valley
One Utama
Sunway Pyramid

The Gardens Mall
One Utama
Sunway Pyramid 

Now tell me which one do you fancy the most? 


*picture credits to Guess Malaysia 

Waxing Party with Butterflies @Bubble Gum Wax, Hartamas

November 20, 2013

Salam and Hello everyone! Waxing? Im still feeling surprised and shocked of what I did a few weeks ago! Honestly speaking, I have never waxed before because I've always been scared of the pain, so I've been shaving because, well it's not painful at all! hehe *penakut*. But shaving often leaves scarring and cuts, unlike waxing! This post is about the waxing party and also my thoughts after waxing! So jangan terkejut if I start talking about vajajay... hehe *blush*

When the Butterfly Project and Bubble Gum Wax collaborated to host a waxing party, I knew this would be the best time to give waxing a try! What more with other bloggers which majority were first-timers too! But guess what, not hand or leg waxing, it's BRAZILIAN WAXING, baby! Now that was some scary thing to do, for me at least. 

Snapped this at the entrance! Say cheese!

Bubble Gum Wax is located in Plaza Damas, Hartamas. If you know where is TGIF in Hartamas Shopping Centre, it's at the opposite, you just need to go behind the shops, and you will see the signboard. As I made my way to the "torture chamber", I could hear ladies giggling over excitement and nervous. When all Butterflies had registered, we were ushered to go up and get the party started, or I shall say, the "torture" started. hehe.

Ni muka excited ke nervous ni? hahaha

Beautiful butterflies!

Happy to see these products on the counter upon entrance. These are products (jelly masks, gelato cream, cleansing wipe) to be applied after waxing to keep your vajajay moisturized and clean. We got to take these babies home, too! Yiipeee

But what attracted me most when I entered, it's the dessert corner that made me want to go "awwwww" and "omg i can't wait to stuff myself in those yummy treats"! Dessert corner was sponsored by Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.

Ice creams!


Noodles by Little Wonton!

Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, fruit loops, sprinklers and more!

It's like a treat..after going into minutes of torture, you get to have ice cream! haha

Are you ready??? YES I AM!

There were a number of Butterflies who have done waxing before, so we made them go first! hehe. As we were waiting for our names to be called, there was a competition going on, decorating shoe boxes and winners got to go home with Bubble Gum Wax vouchers! But Im such a forgetful person, I forgot to bring my shoe box. While looking at the rest decorating the boxes, I made frequent visits to the dessert corner and ate my heart out.

Gigih decorate boxes cik kak cik kak ni. hehe

Makan..jangan tak makan! :)

Cute tak cookie ni? I thought it was a butt..then I just realised it's the front side of the thong.. haha.

Not long after indulging in yummy meals, my name got called..and this was the moment of truth. I was super nervous, literally shaking while taking my clothes off and my heart was beating really fast..It was different from other cases. This nervous was just different. ah!

As I entered the chamber, I was told to take off my bottom clothes, undies etc, wipe my vajajay with a cleansing wipe given by them and lie down on the bed and wait for the therapist to come back. I really liked my therapist, she was super friendly and told me not to be shy because well she's seen hundreds of 'em, if not, thousands because she has been doing this for many many years!So I was glad to know I was in the hands of an expert. Bismillah! Here we go! First she started with the sides and would move to the center later on. She applied hot wax, which I felt was quite pedih because it was panas, waited for it to cool down for a few seconds and STRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Eh? It was not that bad! I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt at all, of course it stung, but just a little bit! But seriously, it didn't hurt as much as I assumed. While getting it done, the therapist talked to me and made me feel comfortable, I guess she could tell I was REALLY afraid. As we moved on slowly to the center of the vajajay, she warned me that this part would sting a little bit more compared to other sides because this part is sensitive. STRIPPPPPPPPPP! Haaaaa yang tu, memang sakit and pedih!! But it was a just a few seconds pain! So don't worry. Then, I turned over because yes, some of us have butt hair. This didn't hurt as much. I really liked my therapist because she was very detailed and careful to make sure every hair was gone! After 10 to 15 minutes, the nightmare was over! DONE! I ran my hands down to feel how it was like. I felt like a new person, I felt like I was just born yesterday, I felt more beautiful! It was so smooth and clean and fur-free. 

Just an expression after waxing! haha

YES YES to waxing! I will come back for sure! :) 

With beautiful Alyssa Jaren, this was her first event with Butterflies! Nice to meet you dear!

With Anfaal, Illy, and Farisha! 

Creative boxes! 

An event would not be complete without a group photo! Didn't we all look happy after waxing? hehe

Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project for selecting me to attend this fun waxing party! Thanks Bubble Gum Wax for the kind hospitality and made my first time a memorable and fun one!  Thanks Ask Joey for the yummy dessert treats that made us all smile and happy throughout the day! :)

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Address: F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas, No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact no: 03-6211 5038


Call and make your appointments now! They have promotion for first-timers, only RM28! This promotion ends 31st December 2013.

And yes I can say this now, I survived "DARE 2 WAX" challenge!



*picture credits to Laura G Ashley!