I want to party with Kinohimitsu!

November 06, 2013

Salam and hi everyone! GUESS WHAT? The Butterfly Project is collaborating with Kinohimitsu to host a Luau Party and they are selecting 50 bloggers to attend this exclusive themed-party! *close my eyes and pray hard so I get selected*

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu? 

Firstly, it has ALWAYS ALWAYS been my dream to go to a Luau/Hawaii-an themed party! All these while I've been waiting for someone to host such theme for their parties because I find it unique, fun and colourful. Think of colourful flowers, some coconuts, ukulele and hawaiian music playing at the background. Isn't that relaxing? Kalau nak pergi Hawaii, memang tak mampu and plus it's so jauhhhhhhhh, so why not bring the party here, right? Gahhh I'm already excited! 

Secondly, Kinohimitsu's products which are all-natural health drinks are trusted and loved by many around the world. It works to detox your body so you will feel healthy on the inside, and beautiful on the outside! This will be a good chance for me to get closer to a well-known brand! How about partying and staying beautiful at the same time? Now that's gold.

 Last but not least, the Luau Party is the LAST event by The Butterfly Project for 2013! I would never want to miss this for the world. The Butterfly community has helped me and many other bloggers in guiding us to grow as bloggers and individuals, and connecting us in so many ways. I'm beyond thankful to have met and made friends with many bloggers through their projects who share the same passion! My days have been more fun and productive!

So there you go! The top 3 reasons; 

Waitttt...ONE MORE! Just a tiny bit....

It's also my birthday month, so this will be a great way to celebrate and end the year with a bang! Who could resist a Hawaiian-themed party, with a well-known brand Kinohimitsu, and 50 bloggers who will go all out at the party? This is THE party of the year! 

So please pick me! *puppy eyes*



The Butterfly Project



  1. Nice collection! I like the post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. congratulations my dear Lina!!!! :D U R COMIN TO THE LUAU PARTY!!!!!!!


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