Cintai Malaysia Contest by Mentos (HURRY!)

December 30, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! 

If you've been munching on Mentos lately and have not participated in the contest yet, shame on you! Mentos is giving out free KFC vouchers and smartphones daily, and  island holidays in our beautiful country! 

Think of how much money you can save if you win all these! Let's aim for that island holidays!! :)


Slowly and carefully unwrap the outer layer of your Mentos, and you will need to answer a super duper easy question which I think if you get wrong is like "dude..seriously!?!" and then submit the written code via SMS or Mentos Facebook page!

Your inlay of your wrapper should look like the picture below. Complete with details on how to participate etc!

Super easy, right? So why wait!

Contest ends 15 January 2014. You may submit as many codes as you want per day, no limit bro! Don't forget to keep the wrapper as proof of purchase if you are selected to be in the running to win these awesome prizes!



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