Kinohimitsu Luau Party with Butterflies!

December 19, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! 
Oh how time flies really fast, and I can say Im glad that I've been ending the year really well with my favourite party crew. Thanks to the Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu, they hosted a Luau Party (Hawaiian-themed party) for 50 butterflies at Villa Manja Spa! I've been dying to have fun at a Hawaiian-themed party because I've never been to one, been waiting all my life for someone to bring a beach life party to a city, and finally I got to go one this year! Yay! Luckily, I already had a beach dress.

Kinohimitsu mocktail was the star of the night. It was a mixture of Kinohimitsu drink and Ribena. Now who says you can't enjoy beauty drinks at a party? 

Upon entering Villa Manja Spa, guests were given a free 10 minute shoulder massage; really needed this eventhough it was 10 minutes, dah lama tak berurut..skejap pun jadi! This was my first time at Vila Manja Spa; the massuese was excellent, her pressure was hard which I love, and I would definitely come back for a full head to toe service. 

If you have never heard of Kinohimitsu; here's a brief info. Kinohimitsu is a beauty drink that works to protect and cleanse your body. It can protect you from UV harmful rays, makes your skin better and glowing, cleanse your colon, gives you energy, protects your skin in and out to make you look younger and healthy and so much more! It has a number of different products that you can choose from..

Semua cik kak kat atas ni tengah gigih berinstagram..why? Because there would a be prize for best Instagrammer of the night!

Aloha cupcakes! I forgot to try this because we were busy taking photos, and bila event dah habis..tak sempat nak

Kinohimitsu Beauty Bar was the center of attention as the lights changed colour every few seconds. Bukan alcohol ye, it's just Kinohimitsu drink mix with Ribena, sangat sedap, manis and healthy! 

Bottoms up!

We got to play games to kick start the night, got ourselves into groups. The games were wet, and the floor was slippery. Nonetheless, it was so much fun enjoying games with fellow butterflies! But the games had a hidden meaning...hmmm...

Haaaa.. actually, the games that we played were related to taking care the health of our colon and cleansing system. By taking Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster, we could protect and cleanse our colons well! 

Dapat main spin the wheel and see which prize you got to bring home!

Belly-dancing performance that was really beautiful and mind-blowing! love it!

Feeling feeling kat Bali gitu..

Here are some of the winners of the competitions we had; Best Dress, Best Instagrammer, etc!

It was such a fun and memorable night not just for me, but for the rest of the Butterflies too as this was the final project/party from The Butterfly community and we couldn't have thanked you (the SWAT team) enough for all your hardwork, creativity and dedication to bring Butterflies from different parts of KL and Selangor to get together, enjoy and make new friends! THANK YOU! 

The SWAT team of The Butterfly Project; Tammy, Illy, Ayna, Caroline.

Gila-gila time! Tak boleh resist kalau dah nampak props and camera yang lighting hebat..posing time!

photo credit to 123 cheese

Thank you to 123 Cheese for sponsoring the photobooth for the whole night. We were given the chance to take as many photos as we wanted, free flow! Wow! Memang feel Hawaiian habis!!!! 

photo credit to Kinohimitsu

Thanks Kinohimitsu for the goodies!! I used to be the type that did not drink beauty drinks to be healthy, because I usually feel that they taste funny, but not for Kinohimitsu.. The taste sangat sedap and I will start consuming 'em! Thanks so much Kinohmitsu! :) 

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