My Top 10 Happenings of 2013

December 26, 2013

Salam and hello everyone! 
Last year I wrote about my top 10 happenings of 2012, click here if you haven't read that yet! What about 2013? Did I have a good year? What did I learn? Honestly, a lot of things happened this year despite me being unemployed for full time post..*not 100% menganggur la kiranya* Nonetheless, I have been focusing a lot on this blog and focus a lot more on beautifying myself *chewah dengan bangganya mengaku*. So let's see..ape yang best 2013?

10. Visited the country of Tom Yam and crazy bargain shopping!

Actually, I just got back from Bangkok a couple of days ago! This was my second visit to Thailand, first was Krabi. We decided to explore the city side of Thailand where everything was super cheap. The food..oh the food.. too good, TOO GOOD. It's like, I've gone to heaven and come back to earth. Sangat ori of course and I ate Tom Yam and seafood everyday here. Like crazy. The shopping was mad and I had trouble fitting 'em all in my luggage. I will come back with more luggage, you just wait Bangkok!

9. Adrenaline rush in Hong Kong!

Was here in May with my family. The last we went to Disneyland was many MANY years back, so we were pretty excited to hit the Hong Kong one! I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong, eventhough it was quite hard to find Halal food, but Hong Kong was amazing, fast-pace and high tech. The skyscrapers buat mata you terkenyit-kenyit nak tengok.. Despite the rainy weather, it was hot!

Awat muka macam awkward? oops

8. Paid a visit to Sydney!

Alhamdulillah, I got to see the famous Sydney Opera House finally. Thank you Papa for taking us here! I've always loved trips to this country have been nothing but amazing, and worth every money and every second. There's always something to do here..macam tak cukup je seminggu duduk sini. I loved the weather in Sydney when I went there, beautiful spring, not too hot, not too cold. Australia, you never disappoint!

7. Girls trip to Legoland and Universal Studios Singapore!

It was the first time us girls had a road trip to overseas on our own..Singapore tu kira overseas la jugak kan, walaupun dekat je. Travelling with your girlfriends are very different with your family because you get to do crazy things that your parents would never let you do, especially if your girlfriends pun jenis yang gila gila!hehe We went to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town in JB, and then took a bus down to USS, Singapore. It was my first time in Singapore and I loved it. Here's a pic of us with the dancers from Mel's Diner at USS.

6. Miss BabbleGloss was around!

Thank you and Alhamdulillah for the great opportunities I got for my blog throughout 2013. I received more event invitations and sponsorships this year. Thanks to those who had recognised me and put me in their media list.. sangat tak sangkaaa.. thank you again! Additionally, The Butterfly Project had given me a lot of blogging opportunities too through their various projects! From there, I've made a lot of new blogging friends whom are like my beauty sisters because whenever we meet, we would just talk about beauty as if it was a life issue! hehe

5. Started my teaching career!

Those of you yang tak tau lagi, I have changed my career; from media/PR girl to a teacher who adores teaching and nurturing kids. I figured out that the corporate world was not for me and I enjoy noble work like this more. Despite being unemployed for full-time post, I've been working as a part time tutor assistant at Kumon for the English section! I've been enjoying this line and I didn't drag myself to work at all. It's true what they say; if you have passion in your job, it doesn't feel like work at all. These students mean the world to me, and I can't wait to see you all grow :) Ada students daripada yang takleh baca dan takleh tulis, Alhamdulillah dah boleh dah.. The feeling you get when you see you have made a difference in someone's life is priceless..

4. Kimora Lee was in KL!

Never would I have thought, that I would meet Kimora Lee Simmons in person! I've been following her on TV through her reality shows, online, etc and BOOM..I met her! She came to KL to launch an event for Starhill Gallery and fans managed to get a picture with her. She was very friendly and humble but still her loud self which is why we love her! And yes.. she is super tall! Just look at that.

3. Far got a baby!

The first in Pumpkin to get married last year, and now with a baby! Alhamdulillah.. such a beautiful and cute baby name Hani Zaphyra! Pumpkins dah jadi aunty sekarang.. hehe.. Congratulations again and again to Farhana and Farhan! You are a great mother Far! I salute your bravery, courage, strength and motivation to build this new life you have. May Allah always bless you and your family! Kiss baby Hani for me :)

2. My sister got married!!

Oh My God, my big sis got married! Such a memorable event and the highlight of the year for my family!! She's the first girl cousin to get married in my family (next in line is me, oh dear God) .My sister has found the love of her life, and time waits for no man, he asked for her hand in marriage. Sape kata kalau perkenalan singkat takleh kawin? Jodoh tak ke mana, and Allah has written everything, and my sister has never been happier and blessed. Cinta lepas nikah lebih indah, kan? hehe.  I'm glad you found the right guy to spend the rest of your life with, sister! Your wedding was beautiful and both of you are lucky to find each other. Semoga jodoh berkekalan hingga ke syurga Diyana and Mehdi, insyaAllah. And guess what peeps, I'm going to be an aunt soon! YAY!!!

1. I found my love..

Alhamdulillah, I've found the man that have stolen my heart completely. He's my first and I hope he will be my last, insyaAllah. I love you, Sayang. He has made a difference and touched my life. My reality is finally better than my dreams. He accepts me the way I am, my crazy self, my garang self, my diva self, my flaw and everything else. I know I'm degil to dengar your nasihat, but awak tak pernah putus asa untuk nasihatkan saya about everything in life. Thanks for being there for me. If ada jodoh insyaAllah, I would like to spend the rest of my life with you and become my imam one day. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Cinta Wechat.. percaya tak? Percayalah...*wink*



  1. Kak, i'm really happy for your 1st highlight. it just make me feel how lucky you are to have someone who completely love you forever.

    share me some tips how to be confident in relationships... especially for us in plussize.

    i hope u don't mind. hehehe :)

  2. Hi Lina! its me Far! I miss you then bukak your blog which I haven't done in a long time, hehe. As usual your yearly post always is the best so full of travel and adventure:) I so touched that me and hani made your top 3 hehe! will kiss her for you:) and love love love your number 1. Insyallah, I doa sangat sangat that you will be happy and loved always. XOXO!


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