A new year, a new career, a new life!

January 16, 2014

Salam and hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry sebab dah missing for a few weeks...been busy with my new full-time job and I'm excited to tell you all about it from time to time!  I hope everyone had a great new year celebration with your loved ones, and those who didn't go out to celebrate (like me!), no you're not alone, yang penting, our new year's resolutions! Resolutions? Every year benda same for me, but tahun ni mungkin ada kelainan sikit..hehe insyaAllah..

So what's my goal for 2014?

  • Be more THANKFUL and BERSYUKUR with what I have and what Allah has given me. Less complain, and more doa.
  • Be more RAJIN to do my room (yes dengan malunya saya mengaku) and make sure it's tidy EVERY DAY!
  • Be more HEALTHY via exercises and diet (need to control makan! Doctor dah marah)
  • Eliminate NEGATIVE people in my life and focus on positivity and moving forward!
  • Be more RAJIN to do solat-solat, not just the 5 solat wajib, also solat sunat etc.
  • Be more RAJIN to read the Al-Quran after solat
  • Be more BRAVE in handling incoming challenges and making decisions
  • Be more ASSERTIVE and learn to say NO!

So there you go; my goals for 2014 and years beyond.. I have a feeling this year will be a great year for me, I don't know why, but I just get that hunch and vibe that it's a good year for me! Perhaps because I found love? or perhaps because I got a new job? Oh yea..talking about my new job! Im a full-time kindergarten teacher now!

Alhamdulillah I found a job that doesn't feel like a job. Get what I mean? I don't drag myself to work anymore! It shows that I love this job..It's true what they say, if you do something that you love with passion, it will never be a 'job' at all :) So far so good; I'm still trying to adapt myself to the new atmosphere..imagine 40 kids running, screaming, fighting, throwing things at each other, spilling food, drinks and messing up with paints and crayons.. But on top of all that, they are eager to come to Kindy, to learn to read and write! And I'm glad I am a part of their journey :)

I hope I'm ready to face many more incoming challenges on this new job with courage and positivity!