TGV Cinemas introduces Family Friendly

May 05, 2015

 TGV Cinemas Introduces Dedicated Sessions for Families
Parents can now enjoy more movies with their children in a Family Friendly environment

 TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia’s leading exhibitor and multiplex cinema operators, launched its first TGV Cinemas Family Friendly session - a new concept targeting at parents with toddlers, at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama last Saturday.

The exclusive TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions provides a conducive setting for parents and their children to engage with one another and be themselves throughout the entire movie without any inhibition. TGV Cinemas also ensured the sessions are carried out with lower audio volume and brighter hall lights for the comfort of toddlers as well as diaper changing table for parents’ convenience.

Outside the cinema hall, TGV Cinemas clearly outlined the Family Friendly session house rules to parents such as beware of crying babies and running toddlers, kids are allowed to ask questions and kids are allowed to move around within the hall.

 “Often, parents avoid going to the cinemas because they are worried that their children may cause disturbance to other moviegoers. With the new TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions, parents can now visit the cinemas more often as these sessions are exclusively for them to watch movies with their kids,” said Celeste Koay, Senior Marketing Manager of TGV Cinemas.

TGV Cinemas have selected and scheduled a line-up of movies for the Family Friendly sessions suitable for both parents and kids.

The launch was attended by more than 150 parents, media and Malaysian celebrities such as Stefanie Chua (former first runner-up Miss World Malaysia 2009), Julie Woon, Dr Jezamine Lim , Hunny Madu and Yasmin Hani together with their babies and kids.  During the inaugural Family Friendly session, the cinema screened the latest blockbuster movie from Marvel - “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

 “There will be a mixture of latest releases, blockbuster titles and classic children movies for these Family Friendly sessions throughout the year. These sessions will not only give parents the chance to catch the latest movies but also the opportunity to bond and share their passion for movies with their children,” added Koay.

Currently, the TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions are available only at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama on weekends and looking forward to extending this concept to its other locations soon.

Ticket price for parents is only RM7/seat and kids below 12 watch for free.

“Thank you TGV Cinemas for introducing dedicated TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions. My wife and I are movie lovers and we used go to the cinemas on weekly basis. Since having our kids we have stopped going to the cinemas because we worried that our kids might disturb other moviegoers.  With Family Friendly sessions, we are excited to bring our kids with us to the cinemas”, said Ramamoorthy Sooriyanarayanan, 36, father of two kids aged 4 and 6 respectively.

Family Friendly session tickets can be purchased through TGV Cinemas’ website: or walk-in to TGV Cinemas 1 Utama.

 Now parents don't need to avoid cinemas because of their lil' ones. Now all of us can enjoy together as a family with a comfortable atmosphere! Kudos to TGV for this brilliant idea! :)


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