Perhentian Kecil Island, Malaysia - #Day1

September 03, 2016

 Salam and hello everyone! Alamak..dah berhabuk blog ni. Work and 'life' have been getting in the way, finally I've got the time to really sit and blog. This is a post that memang dah lamaaa sangat nak upload, sebab excited punya pasal; My first island trip with a friend, Liyana, who is my long lost friend from primary school, terjumpa balik, and is now my travel buddy for island getaways, because she is a beach bum like me too! This may not be a long post sebab tu lah padahnya delay delay blog sampai terlupa sampai details. InsyaAllah, mana details yang penting I will selitkan, alright :)

2015 was a year of emotions for me; there were so much tears as I was going through a rough breakup. It was a year of heartbreak, so I decided to get out of the city, and escaped to a beautiful island that has been on my bucketlist for a really long time. Akhirnya, jejak jugak to Pulau Perhentian Kecil!


September 02, 2016

Hi there! 
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Welcome 2016!

January 16, 2016

Salam and hello everyone!
Alhamdulillah.. umur kita masih dipanjangkan, masih berkesempatan untuk menyambut dan menempuh tahun baru. Welcome 2016!

Soalan yang sangat sangat cliche lah kan, what are your news year's resolutions? Mine probably still trying to achieve 2015 punya! huahuahua.. Korang pulak bagaimana? Masih sambung ke atau dah ade azam baru? Ape ape pun, semoga kita lebih istiqamah dan kuat semangat to reach goal 2016.